Turn Old Wood Pallets Into A Beautiful Christmas Tree

Picture of Turn Old Wood Pallets Into A Beautiful Christmas Tree
Don't feel like spending an arm and a leg on Christmas Decorations for your yard? Here's a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative!
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Step 1: Tear Down Used Pallets

Picture of Tear Down Used Pallets
Find local businesses or Craigslist ads looking to give away a couple used pallets and a board thick enough for the tree's stump. We at Premier recommend using pallets that have not been chemically treated. Disassemble the pallets using a hammer or crowbar.

Step 2: Cut the Stump

Picture of Cut the Stump
Cut 45 degree angles on your stump to form an octagon.

Step 3: Secure Your Stump

Picture of Secure Your Stump
Cut a wedge into each piece of stump to create a better fit. Fasten the pieces together with screws. Reinforce the base of the stump with four boards as shown.

Step 4: Cut The Branches

Picture of Cut The Branches
Cut an equal number of boards at 30, 45, and 60 degree angles. Attach the branches to the stump using the 60 degree branches to the top, 45 degree branches in the middle, and 30 degree branches at the bottom for a layered look.

Step 5: Decorate Your Tree

Picture of Decorate Your Tree
You can "spruce" up your tree with presents, ornaments, and lights! You might even try painting the tree with some eco-friendly paint. Be sure to show off your new decoration to the neighbors!
OddJob8 months ago

Spruce up your tree...I like that! Nice tree too.

Very cute idea! I bet you could drill holes and hang ornaments too!