Picture of Recycled can woven cuff bracelet
I've seen many woven cuff bracelets made of fabric or paper. I wondered if a colorful soda can could be cut up and used, instead. Hmmmm...hence my version of a woven cuff bracelet. Overall time spent was about 1-1 1/2 hrs.  I actually worked on it, off and on, for about a week. Some trial and error as I went, but here is the finished product.
This is my very FIRST instructable! I visit this site frequently and am always amazed at the talent that abounds here. Please feel free to offer "constructive"(pleez) criticism, and/or ask any questions via the comment section.

Thanks for taking a look.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Gather your supplies:

A colorful can - I've used an Arizona fruit punch can(nothing like stating the obvious, eh?).
Xacto knife
piece of foam core board
piece of cardboard
piece of paper
push pins
drill with 1/16" bit
jump rings
lobster clasp for jewelry
two pairs of pliers
pop (pull) tabs from soda can
electrical or masking tape

Step 2: Supplies cont'd.

Picture of Supplies cont'd.
Had a little trouble thinking ahead...and realized halfway through that I also needed these supplies which were not pictured in my first step (although they ARE listed):

jump rings
pull/pop tabs
2 prs. pliers
lobster clasp
drill with 1/16th in. bit
electrical or duct tape

Step 3: Make the pattern and cut out cardboard backing

Picture of Make the pattern and cut out cardboard backing
instructablesBracelet 006.JPG
instructablesBracelet 007.JPG
instructablesBracelet 008.JPG
Measure and mark (I HATE measuring!) a 6" long x 1 1/2" wide rectangle on paper. This will be the size of the cuff bracelet. Cut it out and use it as a pattern/template to trace around on cardboard (trace 2) then cut out of cardboard.

Step 4: Cut the can

Picture of Cut the can
instructablesBracelet 011.JPG
instructablesBracelet 013.JPG
instructablesBracelet 016.JPG
instructablesBracelet 017.JPG
Using an Xacto knife (or scissors), cut into the top of the can, just below the rim to cut off the top of can. Slice in a sawing motion around the top of the can.(If using scissors, cut around in short cuts)
Then cut vertically (with scissors) from the top to the bottom of the can. Next cut around the bottom of the can to get rid of that section of the can. You now have a curled sheet of aluminum.

ddeloreto3 years ago
oh, this is just so cute. i love to recycle so i know i will make one (at least). might i suggest the magnetic clasps? i love them and use them a lot! waaaay easier to secure! lol
whynotnow? (author)  ddeloreto3 years ago
Thanks ddeloreto! I appreciate you taking an interest in my project. Magnetic clasps are something I haven't looked into yet. I must do that. I think I could use them in a number of projects I have in mind. Thanks, again!
OK i must say this is amazing!!!!! Very creative and very well executed!!!!! I am definitely going to make one of these!!!! I hope my comes out as well as yours did!!!!!
whynotnow? (author)  theskategeeks3 years ago
Hi theskategeeks! If you make one, please post a pic here. Would love to see it.
glassgirl774 years ago
This is a really cool idea!! LOVE it :-)

I know how hard those little lobster clasps can be to put on with one hand (which of course means bracelets or cuffs!), so you could try using a different clasp style altogether: like a fob clasp, or an 'S' clasp?

Something else that might be nice is to attach a leather strap (or 2) with a buckle. Or the ends could be laced together and tied off, like a corset. :-)
whynotnow? (author)  glassgirl774 years ago
Hey, glassgirl! Thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of lacing the ends together. Might have to do a little adjusting of the length of the bracelet to be sure one could "wriggle" their hand through it. Thanks for the comment! If you ever make one with the alternate clasp ideas you have, I'd love to see it.
whynotnow? (author) 4 years ago
They'd be quite colorful handcuffs, jonathan!
I bet you could make some sweet hand cuffs out of this idea!!
platinum154 years ago
you. are. GENIUS.
whynotnow? (author) 4 years ago
Just another comment, cheeseduck...If you make one of these using the silver alternating with the color...I'd love for you to post it so I can see how it looks. I kinda liked the crazy colored pattern...made me think of a pixellated(sp?) picture. But I'd be interested in seeing your version.
Cheeseduck4 years ago
For me, I would have done the weave alternating silver and color. And I'd have done something like this for the clasp side:
whynotnow? (author)  Cheeseduck4 years ago
Hey, Cheeseduck, thanks for posting a comment. You have a great point there with alternating silver and color. It would definitely give it a different look. The clasp was a problem for me. I originally used two rows of pop tabs on each side, with jump rings connecting them...but it was then too big(long) - the bracelet that is. I've seen the bracelets using yarn and pop tabs. I just didn't need many pop tabs, as it turned out. In hindsight, I'm thinking that if I made the length of the bracelet just a bit longer, I could have permanently attached the two sides with, maybe, just jump rings...and one would still be able to "wriggle" into it.
Thanks for taking note of my first instructable!