Picture of Recycled curved "glass" picture frame
Another use for our modern waste of plastic bottles, leftover cardboard packaging and some thrift store clothes- make nifty antique style curved front picture frames for your favorite pictures all out of recycled materials!!!

These make great keepsakes to send to family or friends, or as wedding gifts. And you can make them either permanently closed as a keepsake or hinged to open and close and swap pictures out.
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Step 1: Stuff

Picture of stuff
Plastic bottle with gently curving top area
Cardboard- I used a packing box
Fabric of your choice- I used a good velvet that I cut up a thrift store dress to get.
Xacto Knife and/or Scissors
Elmers Glue- or your could use hot glue for some of the edges if you want more instant gratification
Scotch Tape

Step 2: Stab

Picture of stab
First take a look at the plastic bottle and figure out where you are going to cut to get the best and largest curve out of the bottle, with the least plastic scuffs. Then use your sharpie to draw a oval shape a little larger than you want the finished plastic to be.

Cut around the area that is marked with the pen, using an xacto or your scissors, then trim the plastic down to be a smooth oval shape, and be sure all the marked edges are removed.
lucy barth6 years ago
wow what a pretty frame and reasonable price of free. thanks for sharing your idea. and it is nice that it can be reused again too. and various colors or fabrics can be used too.