This is how to make a bike light out of all recycled parts.  Most of which come from an old broken flashlight and other miscellaneous scraps.  I would appreciate comments on how to improve it and rating it is greatly appreciated.

Step 1: The Materials

-   A broken flashlight - used to get the lightbulb/fixture and lens
-  wire
-  switch - any on/off switch works - i used the toggle switch for looks
-  9v battery and connecter
-  5v regulator
-  broken reflectors - for handle bar attachments (anything that clamps on can be used for this)
-  container or box - again, i used a recycled candy container 
Use a 6 or 7 volt regulator or use 2 9v batteries and the regulator!
 first! lol just had to do that... good ible. your pics and details could be a bit clearer, and that bike is awesome.
 thanks.  sorry about the pictures i was having problems with my camera

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