Last year I got an iPod. But I still was looking for something I could carry my iPod and headphones without having to buy anything. Well I've finally found it. Here is a case made from old worn out pants. That took a grand total of about an hour to make. Well here goes...
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Step 2: Cut out back pocket

Picture of Cut out back pocket
A fairly simple step it doesn't have to be perfect so don't sweat it if you accidentally cut of the trim. 

Step 5: Fold and sew

First the fabric in half. Then sew to the correct dimensions of your iPod.

Step 6: Sew across the end

Picture of Sew across the end
 Position the seam in the middle. Then sew across the correct line depending on your iPod length.

Step 7: Cut off the extra

Picture of Cut off the extra
Cut off the excess fabric.

Step 8: Turn it out

Picture of Turn it out
Turn it inside out.