Waterproof, hardwearing, cheap and made from recycled materials this bag is ideal for outdoor use, such as carrying climbing gear and ropes. This was made using things I had lying around the house, for example the toggles came from an old raincoat. You can be inventive and adapt/swap materials to what you have available.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need:

1) 1x Ikea bag and part of a second one
2) An old backpack - only the back and handles need to be in good shape, I used one where the bottom of the bag had fallen out
3) A pair of shoelaces
4) 2x small toggles
5) sewing thread

1) sewing needle,
2) scissors
Try the woven (polyester?) sacks used by builder's merchants (free from skips/dumpsters) and car seat belts from scrap yards (free/cheap). WWW.www
Thankyou :)
Very nice! So much easier to carry than as the big bag :)

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