Picture of Recycled ikea-bag backpack
Waterproof, hardwearing, cheap and made from recycled materials this bag is ideal for outdoor use, such as carrying climbing gear and ropes. This was made using things I had lying around the house, for example the toggles came from an old raincoat. You can be inventive and adapt/swap materials to what you have available.
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Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
You will need:

1) 1x Ikea bag and part of a second one
2) An old backpack - only the back and handles need to be in good shape, I used one where the bottom of the bag had fallen out
3) A pair of shoelaces
4) 2x small toggles
5) sewing thread

1) sewing needle,
2) scissors

Step 2: Making the drawstring edge

Picture of Making the drawstring edge
1) Tie the two shoelaces together using a double fishermans knot.
2) Cut a small hole in the seam around the top of the ikea bag, and thread the shoelace through. You may find it helps to attach the shoelace to a pen or similar to push it around the seam.

3) To go round the join you will need to make a small hole in either side and bring the shoelace out then back in again.
4) When the shoelaces go all the way round the seam, add two toggles to them, then tie the shoelaces together above the toggles.
Two toggles gives extra strength compared to one.
5) Cut off the large blue ikea branded handles leaving only the smaller ones.
6) Now you can pull the shoelaces tight to close the bag, tying the small handles together to give extra security.

Step 3: Making the backpack handles

Picture of Making the backpack handles
1) Cut around your backpack so you only have the padded back and handles. It's best to cut on the outside of any seams.
2) Undo the handles and lay the backpack inside the bottom of the ikea bag, handles down.
3) carefully cut four holes in the bottom of the bag, for the top and bottom of each handle.
4) Thread the handles through and attach them back together again on the outside of the bag.
Try the woven (polyester?) sacks used by builder's merchants (free from skips/dumpsters) and car seat belts from scrap yards (free/cheap). WWW.www
Alex_eco_geek (author) 2 years ago
Thankyou :)
Very nice! So much easier to carry than as the big bag :)