Introduction: Recycled Liquor Bottle (room Decor)

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This a diy room decor using an old liquor bottle ! Nope, I did not drink this lol
Just took it from a friend and I just loved the design! So I decided to glam it uo some more !

Step 1: Things You Will Need !

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These are the things you will need:
-Acrylic Jewels (300 pack) you might need more depending on the size of you bottle !
-Mod Podge
-Any old brush you won't ever need and can be thrown away.
-Your liquor bottle

Step 2: Applying the Adhesive

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Start by making sure the bottle is wiped down, clean and dry ! Put a generous amount of mod podge on the bottle using the brush. Then just start placing the jewels in what ever patter you wish.

Step 3: Get Another Fluffier Brush

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Get another fluffier brush And dip it into the mod podge bottle.

Step 4: Sealing It !

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With that fluffier brush just add a layer of mod podge onto the jewels on the bottle to seal them on and let it dry for 2-3 hours.

Step 5: Finished Product !

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You're all done! I absolutely love this! It's so glam especially for my vanity ! I use it as decor but I also put jewlry on it! I also did not do the bottom layer but I changed my mind and did it all now and I love it even more !


Debissexy-60 (author)2015-11-15

Loved it, it answered questions I had about using modgepodge for that same purpose as I often wish I could dress up a clear glass container for my plants

Jenavisia (author)Debissexy-602015-11-16

Glad you loved it !

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-15

That looks great

Thanks ! :)

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