Recycled Peanut Butter Tactical Knife Drop


Introduction: Recycled Peanut Butter Tactical Knife Drop

This is the same Idea as the peanut butter leg drop I made for a handgun. This is a very simple project regardless of what you attach to it that is why I left it strapless and made to fit my specific knife holster. What I am trying to get across is the use of recycled plastic and old fabric. Customize at will and recycle!



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    ...and this does what, exactly?

    I would take it and weave a strap threw the plastic so it can ultimately go around your leg and buckle and have a lead strap to your belt to hold it up just the same as a pistol leg drop.

    The knife to the plastic or plastic to leg? I just was showing the idea of the leg drop plate made from a peanut butter jar. The way to attach it or make straps I didn't do on this project so people could make the rest custom fit to themselves or personal carry style etc from this base idea. If you look at the leg drop for the handgun I made, it is the exact same style but shows how I ran straps threw it to fit my leg and buckle. Also it shows the cuts I made in the plastic and where.