Introduction: Recycled Teacup Soy Candle, Natural and Eco Friendly

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I recently started helping my mother plan her wedding, as luck would have it my friend Paula at TheKnot tapped me to submit DIY tutorials for brides who want to do it themselves.

This recycled teacup soy candle project will be used to decorate the tables at my mothers after party, they are beautiful and may even give you something to do with all of that old china.
Additionally, are great as gifts and fairly inexpensive, its all about how resourceful you are.

Though I used teacups you can also use travel tins like the ones they have at the container store or Altoids tins, they are travel sized and convenient.


Step 1: Supplies

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1 pound of Soy wax in flake form ([ Lone star supply)
1 Pyrex measuring cup ( or something similar to Pyrex)
1-3 Recycled Tea cups ( went to Good Will )
1 pack of Candle Wicks
Rubbing alcohol
Double sided tape if your making your own wicks
2-6 knives/pencils/chopsticks ( two per container)
Wax Dye (not food coloring, it will clog your wick)
Candy Thermometer
Essential oil or candle Fragrance

Step 2: Clean

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Clean and dry all of your containers
Wipe down with Alcohol to remove grease and fingerprints

Step 3: Melting

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Using the pyrex container or a double boiler, melt the pound of soy wax
remove from heat

Using the thermometer, wait until mixture is cooled to 170-180 degrees. It must be at this temperature because if it is too high it will burn off, and if its too low it wont bind to the wax.

Step 4: Temprature

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A after it has cooled to 170- 180 degrees add 1oz of fragrance

One 1 fl ounce of fragrance oil scents 16 ounces of soy wax, or use 30-40 drops of essential oil. Mix well.

Step 5: Add Color

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Wait until wax is at 150 degrees Now stir 15-20 drops of wax coloring if desired

Step 6: Wick

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Place wick t the bottom of container, use double sided tape to secure it .

Step 7: Pour

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Place clean dry container on aluminum foil,

Remove wax from pan ( if you are using a Pyrex container then pour in) and pour in wax slowly until soy wax is about 1/2 inch from the top.

Step 8: Hold Er Up

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Place knives ( or whatever yo chose) on either side of candle to prevent it from falling at it cools.

Don't touch it! Soy wax needs to cool completely

Step 9: All DONE!

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Wait 3-4 days for the candle to cure, to ensure the best results.


Ikadeo (author)2013-01-11

About how much does each cost, would you say? (If you don't include the price of the cup or other container.)

nuiwida23 (author)2009-11-04

Oh my, I ADORE these! Not only do I love candles, but I collect teacups! However, I will certainly be stopping by Goodwill. These will make fabulous gifts! My only concern is the cost of wax. Where did you find yours and how much was it, if you don't mind my asking?

Batness (author)nuiwida232010-12-24

Good soy wax isn't always the cheapest...but it's worth it. It lasts longer that most other waxes too.

Batness (author)2010-12-24

Love this idea! I started doing this when I found a ton of cute clear glass teacups at a thrift store and bought like ten. I didn't know yet what I wanted to do with them.

I've used some as tealight holders, one as a scuttle, and several have turned into candles like this!

Great idea, thanks!

dobbylvr (author)2009-04-24

Awesome!!!!! I love it! I have to make one now! If I ever get around to it (my life has too much going on already) I'll post a pic here. Great work!!!

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