This is a simple way of storing tools, supply's, and general clutter, and though not 100% recycled Is does use plastic which is an environmental nightmare to dispose off.
This instuctable was inspired by my most hated nemesis  "cords" I hate them with a passion, always getting in-tangled, getting under my feet and in the way, and been just that little bit too short.
I need some where to store tools with these nasty attachments, as all my tools seem to have self tangling cords fitted.
Since making this storage unit the cords have behaved and it great to be able to just grab a box with a power tool in it and have all the accessorys and supply's  in the same place and to be able to throw it all back in the box and not have the cord tie itself to other cords.

Step 1: Stuff you will need

1. plastic 20litre containers
2.  450x2400mm "white board" shelving material 2 pre drilled and 2 without holes.
3. some thin plywood for the back.
4. wood glue
5. shelf supports
6. cordless drill
7. wood screws.
8. radial arm saw (or you can get the timber pre cut )
9. jigsaw
10. staple gun
11. around 2 hours
12. optional 3 milk crates and cable ties

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