Picture of Recycling Bin sort and recycle your garbage
I started to recycle i dont have a street side pick up so i wanted something that could sort and hold metal glass and plastic
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
3 five  gallon buckets with lids
one rolling dumpster
some nuts and bolts
a plastic pipe
a wooden board
pipe mounting brackets


Step 2: Step One: Cutting down the wooden board

Picture of Step One: Cutting down the wooden board
Ok so you got your rolling dumpster and your scrap wooden board
now you cut down the board to fit inside the rolling dumpster
lay the board ontop of the dumpster, and  draw the outline of the dumpster top and get out your saw and start cutting.
  Now that your board fits into the top of the dumpster its time to cut down your buckets

Step 3: Step Two: Cutting down your buckets

Picture of Step Two: Cutting down your buckets
Now get your 5 gallon buckets cut the buckets about 2 inches down from the rim , you are going to use the tops.
Now take the lids to the buckets and cut out the centers of them, i got 3 different colors this is not necessary but works when sorting recyclables

Step 4: Step Three: Cutting the holes in the board

Picture of Step Three: Cutting the holes in the board
Now that your buckets are cut down, take them and set them on the board and give them at least a inch of space, and trace around them.
Now get out your drill and make some pilot holes for your saw.
(i only had a hand saw if you have a rotary saw or a jig saw use that.)
Now cut out your bucket sized holes.

Step 5: Step Four: setting your buckets into the holes

Picture of Step Four: setting your buckets into the holes
 You have a board with three bucket sized holes and 3 cut down 5 gallon buckets.
Now if you cut the holes right you can just shove them into the holes, and they should fit just right i also glued them into place with some gorilla glue.

 Now its time to add the hinge
rimar20001 year ago
By now I am separating all combustible waste (plastic, paper, grease, wood chips) to use it in my salamandra oven. As a bonus, the procedure reduces drastically the use of plastic bags to take off the waste.
LoganMackey (author)  rimar20001 year ago
good deal, i am working on a way to compost my paper waste add it to my composter,
Did you steal that trash can from your neighbors/city?
LoganMackey (author)  thematthatter1 year ago
YES I DID! No just kidding i canceled my garbage pick up and they never took it so free dumpster!