Step 4: Adding the Work Platform

Now to add the work platform. If you're looking to do a lot of compost mixing, then a single sheet might be handy, but this works nicely. Because you're using the width of the bed as is, the slants (you know, the bits that support the mattress) should be the right width. The only thing is to a) cut out a corner notch if needs and b) add a central support under them - this hasn't got one and its pretty sturdy, certainly for modest use.
Nice re-use. <br>I love to see projects that make use of perfectly good timber that has outlived its original purpose, so many items of furniture end up in landfill that with a little imagination could be given a new lease of life. <br>I wrote an 'ible about a year ago using an old pine bunk bed that gave me a side table, a set of book shelves, a DVD storage shelf &amp; new work tops for a workmate, I have also used some of the left over timber for a set of wide steps for a cabin bed &amp; have about thirty spindles awaiting a project. <br>I look forward to seeing what else you can come up with. <br>
That's excellent! I love it when something is really functional and beautiful too. :)

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