The world has seen it’s share of wars; since recorded history, the world has only had a few years of worldwide peace, where nobody was beating up someone else. In fact, it probably has never seen a year without war.

As wars end, military surplus becomes available to the civilian population, where it is adapted to a worthy cause or peaceful use. Even now, almost 60 years after WW2, some pieces of surplus equipment can still be found in some surplus stores.

This Instructable is to demonstrate various uses for equipment that, when initially produced, only had one function. These are all items I have used or been issued at one time, or that I’ve picked up overseas. I don’t know where you can find them, but perhaps other items you find can be recycled.

Step 1: 1. Cleaning Kit for a 9mm Submachine Gun

This item was intended to hold all the items required to clean a Sterling L1A1 SMG. Now it serves the purpose of holding all the little bits and pieces of  an extensive bicycle field repair kit; chain links, valve stems and caps, valve stem wrench, patches, allen keys and all the other little things that can go missing. The oil bottle portion serves better for stowing small items than it does bike lube.

[Note the ubiquitous slice of inner tube to keep the lid closed and prevent inadvertent spillage of bits.]

Maybe in Canada, but here in the states you do not have to paint over any markings on the ammo cans. Heck, here you could still have the ammo in them!<br><br>I attached one 30cal (7.62mm) can to the side of my motorcycle. Markings fully intact.<br><br>I don't see anything illegal about having a can that says it once contained ammo in it. Exactly what law does it violate?
The common sense law, one would think. :)
I can't tell if you're agreeing with me or disagreeing with me. :)
we have three or for that my dad used to have bolted onto his jeep
we have three U.S.Army Generators

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