Step 12: In Conclusion....

1.    “Where to acquire such excellent treasures?” you ask?


http://www.swisslink.com/ an excellent US site.

In Western Canada: http://www.armysurplus.com/

 Remember also…when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs, this stuff will be mighty handy!!

I hope this inspires comments on the recycling of other military surplus items. Comments are eagerly awaited!

 Surplus has always been a fashion statement that belongs to everyone.


Maybe in Canada, but here in the states you do not have to paint over any markings on the ammo cans. Heck, here you could still have the ammo in them!<br><br>I attached one 30cal (7.62mm) can to the side of my motorcycle. Markings fully intact.<br><br>I don't see anything illegal about having a can that says it once contained ammo in it. Exactly what law does it violate?
The common sense law, one would think. :)
I can't tell if you're agreeing with me or disagreeing with me. :)
we have three or for that my dad used to have bolted onto his jeep
we have three U.S.Army Generators

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