Picture of Recycling Old Hoop Earrings
My sister gave me some of her old hoop earrings and I decided they would make some nice bangles.

Hoop earring
Round nose plier
Eye pin
Head pin
Jump rings
Assorted beads
Hex nuts
Super glue
Wire cutter
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Step 1: Making Charms

Picture of Making Charms
I didn't have beads big enough to thread through the bangle itself, so I decided to make some some charms instead.
Charm 1 (Star)
1. Thread a bead of your choice through an eye pin.
2. Using a wire cutter, cut off some of the wire leaving approximately 1cm of wire. (You don't need to do this if your wire is short enough)
3. Using a round nose pliers, create a loop with the remaining wire. (Sorry, I don't have pictures it was difficult to photograph)
4. Open some jump rings and thread them through the loops you just made. One jump ring for each loop.

Charm 2 (Gold bead)
1. Thread your second bead of choice through a head pin.
2. Using your round nose pliers again, make a loop. My wire was long so I just continued looping it forming a double loop. (Optional: You can cut the wire shorter)
3. Open a jump ring and thread it through the loop. Close the jump ring.

Continue making these charms using the same steps. I made 8 star charms and 5 gold bead charms.
HollyMann1 year ago
Great job! Beautiful!