Recycling Old timbers (reciclando maderas viejas)


Step 2: Pegarlas por pares (peer join)

Picture of Pegarlas por pares (peer join)

Una vez cortadas la maderas en trozos, hago pares y los oriento de manera que la cara oscura de una quede en contacto con la cara clara de la otra.

En esta posición emparejo los bordes inferiores con la lijadora de banda. Esto rectifica posibles irregularidades dejadas por la sierra circular, y crea en el borde un plano que no necesariamente debe ser perpendicular a la superficie, debido a que al abrir como si fuera un libro el par de maderas, se compensa cualquier inclinación y permite que al pegar las maderitas por el borde queden planas.

Para pegarlas uso cualquier cola vinílica que seque transparente, en este caso uso una cola barata porque no será sometida a esfuerzos importantes.

Mantengo las partes unidas usando banditas de goma. Las obtenidas de una vieja cámara de bicicleta resultan particularmente útiles en este caso. Apilo los pares de maderitas tratando de que el aire circule entre ellos, para que sequen durante la noche, y me voy adentro a cenar y webear.

Once the timber cutted in pieces, I paired and oriented them so that the dark side of one stay in contact with the clear face of the other.

Once the timber cutted in pieces, I paired and oriented them so that the dark side of one timber be in contact with the clear face of the other.

In this position I smooth the bottom edges with the belt sander. This corrects any irregularities left by the saw, and creates a flat edge that should not necessarily be perpendicular to the surface, because when you open the pair like a book, any angle is offset and allows that glueing the pieces of wood along the edge, they are flat.

To glue I use any white glue that dries clear, in this case I use a cheap glue because it will not be subjected to considerable strain.

Keep the pieces together using rubber bands. Those taken from an old inner bicycle tube are particularly useful in this case. I stack the timber pairs trying to let air circulate between them to dry overnight, and go in to dinner and websurfing.

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I hesitate to correct your english but i think you are talking about a bicycle tube. The inner tube of a bicycle tire? From what I can see this is called an inner tube.
rimar2000 (author)  hawkeye.tech4 years ago
Yes, it is as you say. I will correct the text, I use Google translator because I speak only spanish. Thanks very much!