Introduction: Recycling a Damaged LED 50W

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I have a damaged LED 36V 50W, I was thinking about throwing it to scrap. But I decided to turn it into one of 3V 50W.

It has 50 LED 1W each one, in series of 10. The microwire bonding are fused in all cases.

Step 1: Removing the Phosphorous Resin

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To do this work is necessary to remove phosphorus resin to achieve the LEDS. All gold microwires be removed. (We must keep the resin phosphorous for later).

Step 2: Bonding Microwire

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In this case is necesary to weld the microwire to the LEDS in parallel. At the end all LEDS light up with a 3V battery shining in blue color.

Step 3: Preparing the Phosphorous Resin

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To prepare the phosphorus resin, cut it into small particles. Add transparent silicon for high temperature and mix. Insert the mixture into a plastic syringe without tip.

Step 4: Adding the Phosphorous to the LEDS

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Distribute the mixture being careful not to press the microwires. Let dry for a few hours and It's ready to use.

I'll use my new LED 3V 50W to make a powerful lamp ;)


bhvm (author)2017-08-10

How to do such precie micro work?

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