Introduction: Recycling Plastic Into a Handy Toolbox

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On bigger ink-jet one gets a container called the maintenance tank, which consists of a plastix container filled with absorbent material. These tanks get replaced regularly and the used ones get normally thrown away. You can recycle these into handy tool boxes with hardly no tools

Step 1: Opening Up

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First you need to remove the grid from the maintenance tank. It simply clicks into place (see marked spots on photo).

Step 2: Gut the Box

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Remove the absorbent stuff which lines the inside carefully and discard it. I put it on the compost heat as it consist of tissue. Rinse the plastic box and voila, you have a handy tool box

Step 3: Throwing Box

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One of the boxes I use while throwing pots. I cut half the covering grid off and left the rest open. I can fill it up with water, use the open part to get to the water and the part with the grid on as a drip-grid for my sponges. The other holes in the box are used to hold various other tools. Your imagination is your limitation, and its green.


agis68 (author)2010-10-23

cool! but this ink material need extra attention to handle it...

makutzi (author)agis682010-10-25

Not really, as it is spent ink-jet ink. I guess wearing gloves makes it a bit less messy. Cleaning is easily done with plain water.

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