Recycling / Resizing Foam Core for Posters





Introduction: Recycling / Resizing Foam Core for Posters

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So I have a few posters I want to mount on foam core and put up in my office... Here is how I quickly and easily mounted them on some old signs we had lying around TechShop San Jose...

Step 1: Materials

Old signs mounted on foam core
Hardware: Clamps, Straight edge (ruler), box cutter
Spray glue
Paper or plastic to place under posters to catch any glue overspray

Step 2: Apply Glue!

I used some masking sheets we had around TSSJ and placed the posters face down on them. Then sprayed an even coating of spray glue on them, making sure to coat the edges thoroughly so they don't peel up.

Step 3: Stick Them!

Next... Place the posters onto the board, carefully laying them down from one end to the other so that there are no air bubbles. It is worth taking your time with this because the glue I used sticks right away. (I followed the directions on the bottle and waited until the glue was a little tacky before sticking them down)

Step 4: Trim!

Using the clamps, straight edge, and box cutter I trimmed down the boards to fit the posters. 

A clamp on each end and a steady hand guiding the blade along the straight edge made this pretty easy. Of couse a good sharp blade helps, especially with thicker boards... you may have to make a few passes with the blade.

Step 5: All Done!

Cleaned up the space and it was all done!

Finished 3 posters in about 20 minutes... $0 in materials using stuff around the shop!



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