Picture of Recycling those cool glass soda bottles!
Upon drinking tons of coke and orange soda out of glass bottles (because it tastes better in a glass bottle) I decided to keep them since I knew I would find some use for them! Lo and behold I did.
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Step 1: First use

Picture of First use
Not much needed for this, just a clean soda bottle and a field to frolick in.
Take bottle, fill it with water, go to a field, and pick some pretty flowers.
We happen to have a field of wild flowers in my backyard, so I just went out there and fought with some bees to pick a few pretty flowers.
Voila! A beautiful vase.

Step 2: Second use

Picture of Second use
This one requires a few more supplies, we will be making terrariums!

Step 3: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need the following:
Long tongs, Mine were made out of coat hangers.
Glass bottles (if that wasn't a given)
Sand, Soil, Activated Charcoal, Pebbles, Moss, and whatever else you decide you want in your terrarium.

Step 4: Time to get your hands dirty!

Now it's time to add your layers, I looked a tutorial as to what layers to add, I did pebbles, charcoal, sand, soil then moss.

Step 5: One more step, Optional of course

Picture of One more step, Optional of course
Want to get that Pesky bottle label off?
You will need acetone nail polish remover
Some gauze
and a razor and/or edge of a knife.
shadowfeet3 years ago
Nice! It's really cute!
amandaggogo (author)  shadowfeet3 years ago
Thank You! :0)