Introduction: Recycling Unwanted Magnets

Picture of Recycling Unwanted Magnets

Create new magnets with your own design on it. Be creative when you are getting pictures. :)

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

Picture of Gathering Supplies

All you need is:

      super glue (or glue)
      favorite picture (or document)
      old magnet

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting

Cut out the picture. Make sure there is plenty of space to fold back onto the back of the magnet or else it will turn out like mine (mine). I changed mine a few times.

Step 3: Folding

Picture of Folding

Fold the corners of the picture. Make sure there is plenty of room at the back or else it may fall of.

Step 4: Gluing

Picture of Gluing

Glue the back of the flaps to the magnet to make it stable.


wilgubeast (author)2011-07-25

Nice. These look just like the magnets that we occasionally send out. With a screen-printing project, you could manufacture your own Instructables prize packs!

rojo.balloon (author)wilgubeast2011-07-25

Thanks. :)

HarveyH44 (author)2011-07-22

We get magnets with our phone books, usually a lawyer... I use a gluestick, laminator, and photos of my dog. Never thought to make an instuctable... It's a good idea though.

rojo.balloon (author)HarveyH442011-07-22

thanks. :) sorry for using the idea:()

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