I have seen a lot of professional variable temperature control for soldering iron, but too expensive. So I make one out of an old dimmer switch, outlet, gang plate and plug which already been junk and some old PVC switch box that came with it and some leftover wire from the rewiring work of our house...voila a simple and effective variable temperature controller for your soldering iron and it doubles as a dimmer for your lampshade if you want.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

recycled dimmer switch preferrably 500Watts max the better
old gang plate
junk 3 gang universal outlet or any available
recycled PVC switch box
universal screw driver with bits or plain old screw driver will do the trick
long nose pliers
soldering iron(optional)
1 meter flat electrical wire
old plug from junk appliances I found on the trash bin

usually where can we get dimmer switch,and gang plate.
at a hardware store
Great! Just few minutes ago I was thinking how to use a soldering iron for other projects than electronics (to cut plastics, burn wood, etc.). Your ideea come at the best moment. Many thanks and apologise for my poor english. Ara from Romania
if you want some help on other projects, just message me here! don't worry your english is good, no need to apologize. Glad I could spark your creativity<br />
can you help with final year project designs schematics for electronics students thanks.
Hey there, been out for awhile, busy on my business, what kind of project you have in mind?
would you be able to instead of using 1 meter flat wire&nbsp; a plug and 3 gang, just use a 3 gang extension cord? if not could you explain a little bit better how the plug is connected? are both sides of the flat connected to it? thanks.<br />
if i change soldering iron with hair dryer will it work, is it dangerous.and do you think hair dryer can produce more heat.
i got a suggestion. do you know those wireless light dimming systems? try to do this with thos that would be awesome

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