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Red Braised Rib is a famous dish in China due to its sweet and salt flavor.

Step 1:

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Cut the ribs in small pieces

put the ribs in pot with cold water Boil it until the water boiled, then pour away the water.

Keep the ribs in clean plate.

Step 2:

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Turn to the high level of fire

Heat the pot until the bottom of the pot is hot

Add the oil in the pot

Step 3:

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Add Crystal Sugar in the pot, wait until it melted

Step 4:

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Heat the Crystal Sugar until the color turns to deep red

Step 5:

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Add the ribs into the pot

Step 6:

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Add Green Onion, Ginger, Dry Chillies, Star Anise into the pot

Stir fry it really quick

Step 7:

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Add soy sauce into the pot

Stir fry it until the soy sauce is mixed evenly with the ribs

Add water into the pot until the water is over the ribs

Step 8:

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Use the high level of fire, wait until the water boiled

Put the lid on

Turn to the low level of fire

Step 9:

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Put salt into the pot when soup reduces to less than a cup.

Step 10:

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Stir while boiling till the salt is absorbed by ribs.

Step 11:

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Put ribs in a plate with small pieces of green onion and red pepper on top of them.

Step 12: Tips

  1. Using sugar to color the ribs will be more efficient and delicious than using soy sauce.
  2. Choose ribs with more meat, better with some fat meat.
  3. Stir ribs while boiling to prevent them stick with the bottom of pot.


amberrayh (author)2015-11-19

Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for your support~

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