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This paper airplane flew 161.5 feet (indoors) and sent me to Austria to compete in the Red Bull Paper Wings Competition for distance.  I learned it as a cub scout.  Really it isn't a big secret.  I feel by giving people out there a challenge, this will only benefit flight in the future.  I don't know where this design came from originally but know it worked for me.  I have found however that in order to beat the "World Record" most likely you will have to use a different design.   

When I threw 161.5 feet there were also more strict rules than the current "World Record"

The rules of Red Bull were the following.

Use Normal 8 1/2" X 11" paper or A4 paper(I think)

10 minutes to fold and practice different designs, then throw away the practice planes,  Then you are given only two pieces of paper and another 10 minutes to fold your designs.

No cuts, rips, tape, staples, or other weight devices to the paper  

You then can choose to throw each airplane once or one airplane twice.  Take the best distance of two throws.

You can only take one step.  (your back foot can not leave the ground.  You can lift the heel but toes must remain down)  The front foot can't cross the line.  

The airplane must remain in a straight narrow lane (can't remember exactly how wide the lane was but it was pretty strict.  I remember going out in Austria.)

Good luck out there kids. Let me know if you beat my distance or if you come close and how.

Step 1:

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Fold diagnol (fold # 1) Making  good straight solid creases on all folds

Step 2:

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Fold in half(fold #2) matching bottom corners and side edges

Step 3:

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open up fold # 2 and this crease is what you will use as a reference for your next fold.

Step 4:

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fold the #1 diagonal edge to the reference fold #2forming a point at the top.  crease the paper.

Step 5:

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Begin to wrap the triangle in the remaining paper.  Crease and wrap tight each time.

Step 6:

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Continue to wrap and crease

Step 7:

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Continue to wrap and crease

Step 8:

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Step 9:

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Continue to wrap and crease until the very last wrap possible.

Step 10:

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Okay now you are done wrapping. Good job if you made it here.  Make sure all your wraps are tight.  If not start over with new paper.  So now you are wondering what to do with the loose tab of paper.  tuck it in as shown in the next Step

Step 11:

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This may take a little bit of skill.  Tuck in the extra tab of paper as far in as possible and crease the tab when it can go anymore.

Step 12:

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The Plane should look like a big solid triangle type shape now.  One last step

Step 13:

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Fold  the triangle in half and you are done.  You have a delta shaped dart.  I always throw the dart with the dart as shown in the next picture.

Step 14:

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Throw the dart pinching the fold shut and it will spring open as it flies through the air.

Step 15:

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2nd step not clear please how do that

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PLEASE post the rest of this. PLEASE!! Paper airplane lovers will thank you. ( I'll send you a patch, if u want.) May I repeat, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

munkyking (author)EtCetera1122012-02-27

click on view all steps it should be all there

EtCetera112 (author)munkyking2012-03-05

will send patch now...


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