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Lights! Camera! Action! A great way to decorate a red carpet themed party is to guide guests with fancy stanchions. If you search for stanchions online you can find that they are very expensive and they are very hard to find at a party store. So why not make your own?! You can make 3 stanchions with 2 ropes for about $9.50 without paint.

It is very easy, if you have the right tools (drill and type of saw).

Let's get started!

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Step 1: Materials

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- Dollar Tree Plunger

-1/2" X 10' PVC pipe

- 1/2" Cap

-1/2 DD Wall x 6' Long Foam

-Screw eye

- Paint: gold, apple red

-1" Painters Tape

- String

Step 2: Prepare the PVC Pipe

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Cute the PVC: Cut the 10 foot (120 in ) PVC into thirds or 40 inches. I used a small saw I have at home.

Screw eye preparation: Figure out which side of the PVC pipe will be attached to the plunger and which side will be the top.Place the cap on the top end an measure about 1/2" below the cap. Mark a dot one side and then 180º on the other side. Depending on the size screw eye you get, drill an undersized hole that the screw eye can thread into. Screw them in.

Step 3: Assemble and Paint

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Assemble all parts ( plunger, PVC pipe, cap, screw eyes) and place assembly in a location where you can spray paint .

Step 4: Foam Ropes

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Cut the 6' foam in half (3'). I carefully used a box cutter to cut it in half.

Tape the ends with 1" painters tape. Spray paint the foam with a VERY red paint color. Once dry, I carefully pulled off the tape and flipped it with sticky side up to line up with the red edge so that I wouldn't spray paint over the gold (see photo).

Step 5: Done.

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Now you just need string to go through the foam tube and tie a knot to the screw eye to create a full stanchion assembly!

NOTE: These stanchions will not be very stable, best for decorative and not to actually crowd control.

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cdaniel926 made it! (author)2016-09-14

We made a few slight changes but otherwise stuck to the steps. Really happy with the result! Thank you for the instructions!!!

RachelR112 (author)cdaniel9262017-05-05

Great job! How did you get yours to swag more?

I cut my foam in half, but I think they left it long so that it had length to droop more.

Wow!! It's so great to see results from other people!! I see you left the foam longer, it lets it droop more. Nice job!!

ShanaG2 (author)cdaniel9262017-03-08

cdaniel926 I really like the way your Stanchions turned out. What size plungers did you get? How long was the rope that you used? What size PVC that you used and how did you get your ropes to bend? If possible email me ASAP PLEASE

Tifbal20 (author)2016-09-24

I have a hard time finding blenders that will fit a 1/2 inch PVC pipe. The opening of the plunger where the pipe goes in is half inch but it gets progressively smaller because if most plunger wooden dowels screw in so it's slightly smaller. I will keep trying to look for cheap plunger heads but that's the hardest part of the whole thing for me.

john.grimoldy (author)2015-11-25

Lead weight inside the plungers would probably do wonders for stability.

amberrayh (author)2015-11-25

Hah! I love that these are made with plungers. Good idea!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-25

That is awesome. This would be a great thing to set up for a party.

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