Picture of Red Chesterfield Headboard
How to create a beautiful Headboard in Chesterfield style.

Step 1:

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Prepare your material, and equipment.

You need : 
- A board of the width of your mattress or a little more. (Here we used a board of 65 inches by 20 inches for a queen size mattress)
- An old duvet
- Red fabric
- Black buttons (shank buttons)
- A solid thread
- Two little boards to make feet
- Four screws

And :
- A drill
- Scissors
- A stapler
- A needle
dollface.atl10 months ago

How in the world do you remember where the holes you've drilled and covered are?

DIMaelle (author)  dollface.atl10 months ago
Approximatively, with a big needle, where it pass through, there was a hole.
sunshiine3 years ago
Nice Instructable! Welcome! I see you are a new member! I love the pictures and the headboard. Thanks for sharing!
So bold and beautiful!
Great tutorial! Love the photos, and the headboard looks so well made! :D