Picture of Red Chesterfield Headboard
How to create a beautiful Headboard in Chesterfield style.
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Step 1:

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Prepare your material, and equipment.

You need : 
- A board of the width of your mattress or a little more. (Here we used a board of 65 inches by 20 inches for a queen size mattress)
- An old duvet
- Red fabric
- Black buttons (shank buttons)
- A solid thread
- Two little boards to make feet
- Four screws

And :
- A drill
- Scissors
- A stapler
- A needle

Step 2:

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On the board, calculate, divide and draw the places of buttons. A row of 6 between two rows of 7.

Step 3:

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Drill the places which you have just drawn. They will serve "to sew" buttons.

Step 4:

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Cut the duvet so that it cover the board in one piece with enough overlap to staple it behind.
Staple and verify that it is stretched out well, that there are no folds.
The staples mustn't be thicker than the board, otherwise they would poke through.

Do the same with the red fabric, so everything is hidden.

Step 5:

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Place the back of the headboard in front of you and with a big needle and a solid thread (without forgetting to make it a knot), cross through fabric and the board by using holes made step 3.

The needle is homemade too, it's an umbrella rib, sharpened so that it pricks.

Step 6:

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Thread the button and cross again the board. Without cutting the thread pass at another button. Perform the operation the necessary number of times.

It's easier with two people.

Step 7:

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Once you've attached all the buttons,tired a final knot. Leave the thread on the needle and make a lacing-up to pull at the threads, to give the style Chesterfield to your headboard.
dollface.atl9 months ago

How in the world do you remember where the holes you've drilled and covered are?

DIMaelle (author)  dollface.atl9 months ago
Approximatively, with a big needle, where it pass through, there was a hole.
sunshiine3 years ago
Nice Instructable! Welcome! I see you are a new member! I love the pictures and the headboard. Thanks for sharing!
So bold and beautiful!
Great tutorial! Love the photos, and the headboard looks so well made! :D