Red Curry With Chicken and Vegetables





Introduction: Red Curry With Chicken and Vegetables

Red curry with chicken and vegetables is easy when you start with store-bought curry paste. Perfect for Red Day lunch.

It's not really cheating to start with red curry paste - making the real thing involves ingredients you're unlikely to have around, and the cans of curry paste store well on the shelf. Just make sure you get the good stuff1.

1 tin condensed red curry paste + 1 can coconut milk
2 cans red curry sauce
1 can tomato paste (mainly for color here, but it tastes good too)
1.5 lbs chopped chicken breast or thigh
1 red onion, chopped
handful mushrooms, chopped small
1 chinese eggplant, chopped small

- Saute the onion in a bit of oil.
- Open the curry paste and simmer with coconut milk until thoroughly mixed, or open and heat the curry sauce.
- Add the tomato paste, and stir until worked in.
- Add the chicken, eggplant, and mushrooms.
- Simmer until all are cooked through.
- Serve in bowls over rice.

1That likely means some non-english characters on the side of the can; check your local Asian market. I like Maesri brand, which comes in little color-coded cans the size of tunafish cans. Next best is the ready-to-use curry sauce in cans, again hopefully with Thai characters on the side. The stuff in glass jars isn't nearly as good, and powder almost certainly isn't worth your time.



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    My dad liked how this looked so good, maybe we'll make it, Thanks!

    I also like to add red bell peppers (about a quarter of a pepper per serving) when I make red curry. One of my preferences is that I add about a cup of water to the mix to make it more soup like. Additionally I cheat and use two 10oz cans of canned chicken so I can cook the dish faster (I've never had anybody notice the difference before). The canned chicken considerably speeds up the process since its precooked and prechopped.

    As soon as I saw the pictures (before even reading the first sentence), I knew this was for that Instructable on all the colors each day. These look pretty good too, you guys are awesome for the idea of wearing a different color everyday, and eating that color and everything else. Great job.
    +1 rating again, your recipes are good.