Picture of Red Eclipse: Weaponry Development
Hello, and welcome to my little presentation (well, more of a summary) of what many console commands, located in the game Red Eclipse, can be used for. They are left untouched by most people that don't realize the capabilities that they offer. I myself have played the game, quite a bit recently, and have quickly discovered that the same repetitive CTF or TDM scenario can get rather boring after awhile. I bet even a few of you out there have picked up the game for a week (give or take) and then promptly exited out and never returned. I almost did myself really, but then I discovered a cool trick, which i could only implement using against Bots, in offline play, seeing as how difficult i found it to set up a server of my own. Now, this was fun at first, and well, still is, However, obliterating helpless bots that don't know any better, or rather, never build up an “immunity’ to certain tactics so to speak, can get pretty boring.

The feature i'm getting at here, for those of you out there that are lucky enough to host a server for other players , is weapon customization through gameplay commands. Dont get me wrong, i love to play Bomber Ball as much as the next guy, but the same repetitive game type can get rather stale.

Any administrator, by entering just a few of these commands, can change very basic gameplay ability as well as what your server has to offer. Likewise, anyone that can enter offline play can enter these as well to use them against bots.

Now, i will only be talking about weapon modification this time, as thats the subject i know best currently, however, if i learn more, i might create more in-depth topics to increase playability in the game.