Red Hot Candied Chilli Peppers





Introduction: Red Hot Candied Chilli Peppers

An easy, tongue tingling sweet garnish.

1. Slice some mild or medium red chillis.

2. Poach in a spiced sugar syrup of 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar and whatever spices you like (ginger, cinammon, cardamom etc.) for about 20 min.

3. Drain the chiilis (save the syrup). Lay on a baking tray, & cook in a low oven (90 degrees C) for around an hour, until crisp.

Use to garnish mains, desserts, drinks, or as a surprising spicy sweet.

(The leftover syrup is great for mixing into cocktails for a bit of extra kick.)



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I made the mistake of trying this with home-grown chillies of unknown heat. I was washing my mouth out with Listerine for ten minutes. Great instructable though.

Ok, I finally tried this. One word - YUMMY!!!!!

And, as a side note, I decided to try this with freshly picked jalapenos (I swear my parents cross-bred theirs with scotch bonnets...). Followed the recipe the same way, but baked for about 2 hours at 200 F. Sweet favor to start out, followed by a nice burn afterwards. If you like spicy foods, with a mild sweet taste, I advise to try this modification out.

I am salivating...Yum.

Excellent Halloween candy, I think. Devil's tongue!

How about substituting rum for the water, then coating in a really good dark chocolate after the chilis have cooled? Triple yum!

This sounds so delicious! I can't wait to try these.

Looks good. If you used a little less water, you could use the leftover syrup to make caramels.

oooh MY, WOW, what a great idea ! ! I can hardly wait to see whats ripe tomorrow to try this !

I've got 6 serrano chili plants assuming they all bear fruit now I know what to do with them. :)