Step 3: Laying out the bow

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Begin by inspecting the wood, check for any splinters, cracks, knots, if you can work around them great, if not, go get another piece. Slice a inch off one end and then cut a 70 inch portion off, that will leave a 25 inch section.
Take the 70 inch portion and locate and mark the center of each end, snap a line, or use a straight edge to make a line down the plank between these points. Now mark the center of the board. Label the center very clearly. The bow is symmetrical so layout is easy.

The handle is 4 inches long, one inch wide and centered.
The "wedges" are 2 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.
The limbs are 30 inches long and go from the wedges to a width of 3/8ths inches.

Got that? Pretty simple.
Do you cut one inch of the length, or one inch off the with? and the 25in is that the extra or another part of the bow? how thick is the handle piece?
meburnfire4 years ago
So the total bow length is around 66"? Im just checking to see wheter that is the correct total length that you said. And also, would this be too long or tall or whatever for someone who's 5 feet? (Not sure wheter " is inch or feet as i live in Canada)
Go Canada!!!!
Tool Using Animal (author)  meburnfire4 years ago

It's 68" 66 is nock to nock

Somewhere in the thread I told some one how to scale it. I'm 6'6" pull 28" so just do a linear scale on all dimensions to fit you.
Kay, Thanks
Baddi3 years ago
It is so annoying to have to convert the inches and feet to meters
I don't know inches and feet.
mstewart54 years ago
the wood i got was only 7 feet. can i just use the 70 in piece and have a 13in piece left over since you cut it down to 9in anyway?
I got a plank that is 1" x 2.5" x 8'
I should be ok with half an inch thinner?
the lumber store had their wood miss labeled and i didn't
have my tape measure with me.
didn't know it was only 2.5" until after my first cut when
I started drawing out the plans.
Bet it's not mislabeled ;-), wood measurements are based on unfinished size, once they surface the pieces,they are about 1/4 to 1/2 inch smaller. You'll be fine.
koga954 years ago
how long are these blanks?!?!
Tool Using Animal (author)  koga954 years ago
70 inches
koga954 years ago
im 15 and confused as crap.
duck_tape_5 years ago
That only adds up to 68 inches.  Do you just leave an extra inch of wood on each end?
Tool Using Animal (author)  duck_tape_5 years ago
You can just trim it off, it's for error.