Step 6: Now the scary parts start

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Right now you have a bow shaped object, and you have to start working it into a bow. Start by easing all the corners, this will help prevent "lifting a splinter" when you start flexing the bow.  After that, cut a couple of thin wedges from scrap and lash then one inch from either end of the limbs.
Now make a heavy long string from some cord and we can start working the bow.
Doug19652 years ago
In step 6, why have the nocks not been cut in yet?
Okay heres the deal, i am 15 and attempting to make my own bow just cuz i wanna and i understand everything so far but at this step, do you cut off an inch from the ends of the limbs or not? i thought by now you would be done cutting and just have to break it in.. and also how do you permanently attatch the cord when your finnished? do u just tie it on? thanks a bunch
You lash a nock wedge to the end of each limb.
Step 8.
Oli_Sleven4 years ago
What are you using for your bow string?
The bow looks awesome, and I'm going to pick up some wood this weekend so any pointers would be lovely.
nufdes4 years ago
Do you need to attach the nock's to do this?
Tool Using Animal (author)  nufdes4 years ago
Yes, but not permanently, just whip them on real tight with some no stretching cord.
koga954 years ago
what do you mean by 'Start by easing all the corners,'
Tool Using Animal (author)  koga954 years ago
I mean round them over, sharp edges result in what are called stress concentrations. If you round the corners the stresses are better distributed.
Tgauchsin4 years ago
Great instructable! I may give it a go next time I work a few days at the Ambulance! Oh yeah, I have those shoes.