Red Queen Halloween Costume





Introduction: Red Queen Halloween Costume

Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland movie Halloween costume and makeup tutorial.

Step 1: Shirt.

I painted my black skirt with acrylic paints and I added beads and pearls with hot glue.

Step 2: Accessories

Crowns are 3D printed, links below.

Little crown

Big crown

Step 3: Makeup

I glued my eyebrows.

I apply white face paint to all of my face and neck (multiple layers)

I did shadows with black face paint

Step 4: Makeup Part 2

I apply white eye pencil to my waterline and eye brows

I did little dimples to my cheeks with black face paint.

I did beauty mark with liquid eye liner and also lashes.

I apply blue face paint to my eyes and forehead.

I did my brows with liquid eye liner and black eye pencil

Step 5: Makeup Part 3

I did my lips with red face paint

I put false lashes on

and I did shadows to my nose with black face paint

Step 6: Hair

I curled my hair and lift them up with hair pins.

I used hairspray

Then I did hairline with red face paint

I used red hairspray to get red hair.

Then a crown



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    Good one, it looks great. Well done!

    Thank you so much! :-)

    Oh I just realized that I answered wrong :-D I Photoshop that skirt, but I used my old wedding dress, you can see that white skirt another photos.

    And thank you so much :-)