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Introduction: Red-Riding_Hood Hood

This is the Hood of Red-Riding_Hood made for a party.(This costume is not the one i was/am going as because well..i'm a guy and red-riding-hood is a girl so here you go lets get started. I've made every step have 2 parts.
You will need:
Sewing Machine(don't hurt your-self)
2 meters of red fabric
Scissors (Be competent with them don't start playing with them)
Pins (lots) 
Cotton (when I say sew i mean use the cotton to sew it together try your best to make it red cotton to blend in)
This is a dangerous task if your not careful.
please post pictures if you make your own

Step 1: Red Riding Hood Hood

First thing is to cut out hood you need 4 halves (be smart with the scissors)
sew a dart on each half (be smart with them)
sew the halves together (be smart when sewing)
sew the 2 hoods together (this will mean your hood is lined)

Step 2: Red Riding Hood Hood

find the middle of the left over fabric
place the middle of the hood to the middle of the fabric and pin together (be smart with the pins the can draw blood)
sew the hood and fabric together (be smart with the sewing machine..please)
put the cape on and work out where you want to place the ribbon (this is your decision)

Step 3: Red Riding Hood Hood

sew the ribbon to the cape (don't prick yourself)
If the cape is too long just cut off the excess fabric (don't cut your-self)
and then you finished your red riding hood hood is done 



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no it is good. however some one wearingit will look more gud.. and u can blur the face :)

Wow! that is so smart i might just use me in that case

You did a great job!

I would love to see a photo of someone wearing The Hood of Red Riding Hood.
I understand why you didn't want to wear it yourself, but I'm sure you could find a nice girl willing to help you out for a photo!

Haha i could use my Mum but as always i don't want myself or family to have there picture on the internet but i might do it..I'll ask her
p.s i'll tell you if i edit it and thanks for the complement that's what keeps me making here at instructables =)

Lilly could wear it? Oh, no, I asked her, and she doesn't want her face on ibles. Hey, you could use a mannequin head?

I don't have a mannequin head i dont make stuff for eyes necks heads most of the time..u do don't you could i use that next time i see u?? (or next time i come over??)

Yeah sure.