What a pleasure it is to wear an expensive jewellery or to wear your own handmade jewellery !  When I am on to handmade, it has to be cheaper than what I can get equivalent in the market. So, the key is to get inexpensive or free materials. Here I make a Red Rose bracelet made up of felt and twist ties ..(yes.. You heard it right.. Twist ties..or bread ties). The cost ? 27 cents for the felt, which I used in half for this project. And twist ties... were free ! I found plenty in the Payless grocery section in a grass green color with my grocery purchase. So this is indeed a 27 cents bracelets.. believe it or not !

Red felt - 1 sheet
Twist ties - 11-13


Step 1:

Step 1: Cut  eleven squares of 1.5 inch * 1.5 inch felt. We need to make rounded square in next step so lot of precision its not required here.. Hence its easy !

Step 2: Cut the corners of the square round, to make a rounded square. Make all 11 squares rounded.

Step 3: Draw a spiral on each rounded sqaure and cut it along the spiral.

<p>Very Cute</p>
Very cute!
Thanks ! for the welcome and the appreciation

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