Introduction: Red Ryder Scope Mount

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In this instructable, you will be adding a picatinny scope rail to your Red Ryder bb gun! The best thing about this is there is NO modification you need to make to the bb gun!

Step 1: Purchase the Scope Mount!

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Purchase the scope mount!

Step 2: Remove Top Screw

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Remove the screw from the very top of your Red Ryder.

Step 3: Attach Scope Rail

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Remove the small wedge holding up the rear sight up. Then hold the rear sight up, and slide the scope connector into the rear sight until it clicks into the notch.

Hold the other end of the sight down, and insert the top screw back in. Tighten down the screw firmly with a Philips screwdriver until the scope is held down tight to the body of the Red Ryder.

Step 4: Attach Scope and Enjoy!

Picture of Attach Scope and Enjoy!

Attach your favorite picatinny scope and enjoy!


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