Step 2: Fry

Fry your chicken in batches, for about 5-minutes per side.  Turn chicken pieces with tongs.  Revel in the smell of frying cake.  Remove chicken pieces to a paper towel-lined plate or draining rack. 

Internal temperature of cooked chicken should read 160-165F (71-74C). 

Chicken can be kept warm in a low-temp oven until ready to eat.

Best served with cream cheese mashed potatoes and greens.

I'm sorry, I've never tasted a Red Velvet Cake before. Is it sweet or what? Seriously, I don't want sweet dishes except for desserts. By the way, the chicken looks delicious. Well another good post. This is great. "★★★★★"
I did this recipe for a office pot luck. It was a big hit. Thanks so much for a wonderful, playful idea.
Well I never woulda come up with this in a million years. Looks delish.
What about red velvet cake mix powder? Or is mix a no-no? <br>
Oh yeah, that might work!
Spectacular! Great Job! I would never have thought to do this...
I would have never thought to try this, but I'm glad you did. It's awesome! <br> <br>I wonder, have you tried with other varieties of cake? I bet spice cake or yellow cake batter, dolled up with some spices, would be a great flavor combo too.
This cake isn't too too sweet, so it's nice. A spice cake would be killer! Carrot cake? Well that's almost healthy right there.
I gotta know. If you are deep frying the chicken, which isn't the healthiest method of cooking, why are you removing the delicious skin?
Definitely not required, but my chicken chopping wasn't going as neatly as I'd hoped, and the skin was kinda slipping off already. I wasn't sure how the skin would do underneath cake crumbs, so I figured better safe than sorry. Give it a whirl with the skin on and let me know how it is!
Yep, &quot;leftover cake&quot;- definitely one of those oxymorons. <br> <br>(Ever heard the alternative definition of &quot;oxymoron&quot;: an idiot who, unbelievably, is still breathing...)
I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo going to try this! I am in Food-Combinations-That-you-never-thought-would-work-but-some-how-do heaven!
Sounds good! Decadent for the waist line, but delicious sounding! <br> <br>And if you don't have red velvet cake but you do have German chocolate, use it (red velvet is German chocolate without the red coloring)
wow, first i thought it was tandoori!
Two of my favorites taste that I'm sure taste great together.
That looks awesome. Delicious + mildly off-putting color = excellent chicken project.
That is crazy! I would never guess that it would be so good or that it would be so easy to do!

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