Picture of Red Velvet Swirl Brownies
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Red velvet is my jam. I know many people are over it, but not being a huge fan of chocolate, the amount in red velvet desserts is perfect for me. Cheesecake has probably been my favorite dessert since I started eating solid food, and when I saw Sunny Anderson make red velvet brownies with a cream cheese swirl on her show "Cooking For Real" I knew it was a recipe I'd love, and I do. 

These brownies are the perfect texture with a fudgy bottom layer and creamy cheesecake swirl topping. They're like a classic red velvet cake in brownie form, with the cream cheese frosting and nuts baked right in. I know nuts in brownies are a touchy subject, but we're nutty brownie people in this house, leave them out if you please. 

Since the flavor, not the color, is what I'm after in red velvet, I've made these brownies with no food coloring at all. For a fun Christmas treat I chose to use red and green colors, I'll probably make them red and pink for Valentine's day. My only suggestion is to use gel paste colors and not liquid, if you use liquid color for the batter you'll get red brownies, but I can't be certain liquid would work well in the cheesecake swirl. 

I'm sure Santa would love a plate of these for his Christmas treat. You could double the recipe, or make a few batches in different colors for a potluck dessert table. I'm envisioning a brown and orange version for when we watch our beloved Cleveland Browns lose, or, Scarlet and Grey swirl brownies for when our Ohio State Buckeyes win. 

Makes 16 brownies
Original recipe found here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sunny-anderson/red-velvet-swirl-brownies-recipe/index.html
AmyNicole1 year ago
They look yummy! Might give it a try when I have the ingredients!