Picture of Pimped out bucket seat
This project is to create a bucket low profile seat for as cheap as possible, we built this for 15euro and lots of scraps.

What you need for this project.
* A Pallet
* Foam (Got from foam shop scaps did because of how we layered it)
* red velvet

* Jicksaw
* glue
* staple gun
* drill
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Step 4: Adding the foam

To add the foam we used a layered effect to allow bucket seat to slope inwards to to the center. 
To add the foam on bottom layers you can just use staple gun but really as you get further and further up on layer its needed to use glue we used a spay on contact cement glue that we had lying around but you can get proper fabric glue or just longer staples.
In photos you can see how we layered everything.

Step 5: Over all very comfy

Picture of Over all very comfy
Over all really happy with it very very comfy and well worth the 15 euro.