I decided to try making a Frabjous, a sculpture designed by George Hart. I first learned about it through Grymee's wonderfully helpful instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Frabjous/
I cut the 30 pieces out of a sheet of red vinyl, and after spending many frustrating hours assembling them, I'm quite happy with how the Frabjous came out.

Where did you get the vinyl? and how thick is it (roughly)? It looks wicked by the way!!
I found it at a specialty plastics store. If you're anywhere near New York, Canal Street is a great place to go for plastics. Otherwise you could try a big hardware or crafts store, or the internet. I don't remember which thickness I got, might have been 1/16".
Wow that looks fantastic! Awesome job! Hope it wasn't too frustrating putting it together
Thanks! Putting it together was... an interesting experience. I'm glad I did it.
That looks amazing, nicely done!

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