I love the coziness of a warm blanket while I read or watch tv on the sofa, but I found that a poncho is the best way to keep warm while doing things around the house during the cold wintry days.
I made slippers as well, just for the sake of trying and they are great, thick wollen felt between the layers helps if you, like me, live in a house with tiled floors - apart from the bedrooms where we've got a wooden floor and where the photoes were taken.
They look very comfy. Do you have photos and directions for how to make the slippers? I would love to know how!
Hi! <br>I'm afraid I haven't got any photos of the making of the slippers. I got the directions from the book &quot;Sew Pretty Homestyle&quot;. <br>I'm sure though that there are tutorials on the internet if you look for them. <br>I just found one: <br>http://primprettys.blogspot.com/2009/04/tutorial-make-your-own-ballet-slippers.html <br>Check it! <br>:)
Thank you!

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