Another model based on my original Can aeroplane;


This one is very similar, but it is a bit smaller and it flies a little bit better. The other differences are:
-I used 2 Red Bull cans instead of 1 Monster can (I did use an offcut from the Monster can aeroplane to make the black cockpit on this one.
-Front of fuselage and cockpit are enclosed
-This is modelled on a real aircraft
-I used the can with the bare aluminium on the inside this time.
-This one has a fake propeller spinner to improve the look.
-I blended the wings into the fuselage with 2 extra pieces of aluminium can.
-This one definitely looks better.
awesomecreations (author) 2 years ago
Here is the instructable I made from the bottoms of the 2 Red Bull cans:

whoohoo2 years ago
Does it fly like a paper glider?
awesomecreations (author)  whoohoo2 years ago
Sort of, it flies much faster though.
Nerko-erko2 years ago
Awesome plane!
awesomecreations (author)  Nerko-erko2 years ago