Redeem Itunes Giftcards on an IPod Touch




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Introduction: Redeem Itunes Giftcards on an IPod Touch

I used to have to wait for the computer whenever I wanted to redeem an Itunes card. Well not anymore! There's 2 ways.

Step 1: ITunes App Way

To redeem an ITunes card on the ITouch, first go to the first page of apps and tap the purple ITunes app. On the bottom tap on Music, and go down to the bottom of the list displayed and a button similar to the ones on the list is there. It says redeem and has a picture of a card with a $ symbol on it. Tap it and then enter your code and tap redeem.Congrats, youve mastered the first way!

Step 2: The App Store Way

To redeem an ITunes card on the iPod Touch first go to the app store. When you get there tap featured. Then scroll down the list untill you see a button that says redeem.tap this then enter your code and hit redeem. Congrats! Youve mastered the second way!



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    My i pod is telling me in large letters to go to i tunes. I am not able to use my iod at all because i can not get any other screen to come up.

    what generation of the ipod do you require because if have the second generation and software 3.1.3