This bench in front of our house was definitely dumpster worthy in the eyes of most, but with a little attention it came back to life with a new spin. The metal on the grid in the middle and the sides was an ugly mix of green and dark gray, and the wood had been painted a bright pink long ago and remnants of it were left behind.  Just a little time, paint, a pretty vintage looking stencil and some creativity and you can transform all kinds of things. I was on such a roll I decided to redesign the matching wagon that had been next to the bench and painted an old fairy statue to go along with the antique gold theme. 

Step 1: Materials

-An old bench
-Rust-oleum metallic gold spray paint, $4.24 at Home Depot
-Americana Classic brocade and berry borders stencil, $2.98 st Home Depot
-leftover white paint that I had, if you don't save leftover bits of paint like I do I would check out the oops paint area of your local paint store or Home Depot for a cheap white or cream
-A medium and small sized paint brush
-Cardboard box or newspaper to protect the ground where you paint, and a piece of newspaper for stenciling

So in total this project cost me a little over $7 to revive a piece of furniture that could have easily been thrown in the trash...
I dig the bench, not sold on the fertility icon though. thanks!
<p>Great, almost the same like my one :)</p><p><a href="http://majsterklepka.blogspot.com/2014/04/odnowione-krzeso-tarasowe.html" rel="nofollow">http://majsterklepka.blogspot.com/2014/04/odnowione-krzeso-tarasowe.html</a></p>
That;s really awesome. My grandmother has an old bench in her backyard that is a health hazard, I'm sure it has a few nails sticking up into the seat. Yikes! Nice transformation.
Thanks, luckily ours just had a couple screws missing but it still works :) Sure the seat isn't completely flat anymore but it's still comfy and it's more of an eye catching garden decor piece now instead of in the dump. I still can't believe I did that when I look at the before picture, and it was so easy it only took me a couple hours.
Gold wagon FTW! Such a cute garden feature.
Thanks :) I can't wait to see it once the wildflowers start growing in it, found some sprout-lings coming up today.

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