Impulse Dynamo Generator




Introduction: Impulse Dynamo Generator

impulse concept

Step 1: Structure

spherical designed "ball bearing cacoon"

Step 2:

Step 3: Applications

motorcycle, bicycle, tricycle, trains, any means of wheel carriage systems.

Step 4: Materials

open for new ideas but I have a few basic steps to ensure simple duplication and multi directional manipulation of independent "swheels"

Step 5: Means of Propulsion

electro flux generators independent per appendages and directional behavior control.

Step 6: Applying to Dual Passanger Transport

will edit these steps as I conduct further testing but here's a little sneak peek. CAD and digital renders will come shortly.

would like as many involved as possible.

please call if you have input.
3374120717 or face-book at

Step 7: Proposal for Engine

Relativistic physical bio mechanical brain sphere using hydrofluid magnetic field pulse amplification storage and closed/open loop system

Propertual amplified flux accelerator with permanent sustainability

Engine purpose - multi directional motion on a 2d plane (road)

Step 8:



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