Bubba has been shopping for a diamond ring because he is going to propose to Peggy Sue. Disappointed with the selections of rings available,  he decided to hunt for his own diamond and make a very special ring for his little darling. He knew he would have to go traveling to a different state, bringing his own camping gear, rifle, hound dogs, special drinks, and everything needed to camp out in the desert for several days. He was sure he would find his sugar the very best diamond and he knew right where to look! 

This instructable will show how to put a humorous twist to your proposal. It is also a great idea for those people who have everything they need, just change the story. Where Bubba traveled to find a genuine Pecos Valley diamond  . . . how he made Peggy Sue's wedding ring and some of the experiences he went through to accomplish his mission "Peggy Sue's Special diamond".

Step 1: Camping Supplies

Most of the supplies you will be needing are already on your redneck vehicle depending on which one of the 10 you will be driving.
You may stay at the 5 star redneck hotel: http://www.ratestogo.com/blog/ever-wondered-what-a-redneck-mansion-would-look-like/  go a camping out at the Rock House Ranch, in the pick up truck, or hunker down at the Stage Coach Inn which was built around the early 1900's. 
3 dogs
Double barral shootgun
Party drinks
Hunting knife
Big pockets
Cooking pot
Deck of playing cards
Favorite chair

Information about Pecos Valley Diamonds here: http://geoinfo.nmt.edu/publications/periodicals/nmg/downloads/25/n3/nmg_v25_n3_p63.pdf

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Thank you! The quartz has points that are very attractive. I would think a tumbler would round them off and reduce the sparkle! I am still working with them to remove the mineral residue. The problem is I really did not want to use chemicals but will probably resort to it to make them more attractive. They sparkle in the sun but I could not hold the diamond and move it to achieve the sparkle while taking the picture. I will make another instructable when I have accomplished this! Thanks for commenting and have a lovely day!
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