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Introduction: Redneck Drawer Tool Organizer

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Lazy sunday... all stores closed, and you think about to declutter your workbench. Here's your solution

Step 1: What Do You Need

-polystyrene from a box
-pencil or pen
-smallest drill bit you have (i guess mine is 1mm or 0,8mm idk, don't have a caliper yet, and my measuring tape is one that your neighbour's store gives you as a way to advertise his store)

Step 2: Put the Wrench and Draw the Outline

Step 3: Carve With the Drill

Start carving with the drill as if it's a pencil. Small tip: depending the direction of the drawing, is easier to carve the styrofoam alternating the turning direction of the drill

Step 4: Done

Step 5:



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    i'll make a second attempt with some EVA foam, well made

    I had to lol when I saw this. Nice idea!

    Have you thought about heating the end of the wrench and push is in the foam so the foam melts?

    1 reply

    i don't have a torch, and the wrenches will end with burned foam everywhere :)

    i also attempted to make a redneck foam cutter after this, but it didn't make very well... needs moar powah

    That has got to be the silliest, laziest, most redneck thing on Instructables.

    Looks like something I would do :)