Introduction: Redneck Home-Made Jeep Turbocharger!

I have a little, underpowered 1961 CJ5 with a 4 cylinder motor.  I always thought it would be fun to try an turbocharge it.  So starting with a junked Saab I did just that.  Be sure to watch the video and check out the description for a link to the build log.  I talk about sourcing and sizing the turbo, how to mount and cool it, the troubles and successes I had as well as reasoning and methodology.  For anyone interested in trying this themselves the build log is a great place to start.


dasimpson1981 made it! (author)2012-12-13

carbs should be were it was and air is rammed into the top

dasimpson1981 made it! (author)dasimpson19812012-12-14

well that would explain why you done it that way i only made the comment of the bad starting but as they say if it ant broke dont fix it lol

NelsonStudios made it! (author)NelsonStudios2012-12-14

Starting it remains an absolute nightmare when it is cold and you are right that is because the carb is so far away from the intake. I am thinking of an electronic ignition swap as a crutch to help it.

dasimpson1981 made it! (author)dasimpson19812012-12-14

some easy start oh high flamable gas on the intake would do it

NelsonStudios made it! (author)NelsonStudios2012-12-13

In a modern system yes but that requires boost referencing, something that is much harder to do on an engine that lacks any computer air/fuel or timing controls. This would be similar to the set up run on a corvare, it is called a draw-through and because the carb is not fed boost pressure it dosent need a pressure hood or boost metering of the air/fuel. As for the timing I upped the curve manually and deal with it. Unless you are saying it will not work and to that I would only add that it is 3 years old and has many 1000's of miles on it. It works.

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