Hey have you ever had a rodent problem while out in the sticks and didn't have any mouse traps handy?  Well here is the solution my redneck friends the Redneck Mouse Trap!

Sidenote:  This trap, like any other, does kill the animal.  If this offends you in anyway, please do not continue with this instructable, and please do not send angry messages.

Step 1: Materials and tools needed

What you are going to need is:

5 gallon bucket
Wire of some sort
Peanut butter
Stick or board or anything that will work as a ramp


Wire cutters (if your pliers don't already have them)
Hole punch or drill

<p>Hello, already made a test this trap design? regards</p>
&quot;Like any other&quot; you know there are some that don't
That is so good to take mouse
We just put a bucket under the edge of the camper and they fall in starve or kill each other or the chickens find them first and kill them
Genius! I think this should work for ground squirrels too. Thanks D_ROBO!

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Bio: I'm an electrical engineer whos always looking for the next 'project'. Whatever that may be.
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