Picture of Red(neck) Ops Gas Mask
This a tutorial on how to make a Redneck Special Ops gas mask. It has changeable filters, and you can change the type filter for your operation. 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
you will need 2 bottles, a knife, duct tape, hose/tubing, respirator, and rubber bands.

There are many sizes of bottles. You will want to pick a bottle with little grooves and little bumps, to minimize distortion. Perhaps a 1.5 liter or bigger, but not too big!
jeffd210 months ago

Your method will FAIL, duct tape will deteriorate quickly if any sort of bio gas is present and it's just plain unprofessional, if your going to use household fasteners use hot glue or a plastic cement, not duct tape, also if your going to make a "gas mask" use a 3 litter soda bottle, they can be found in generic flavors at Wal-mart for under a dollar, next your fatal flaw; you can not have your ONLY air in/out line that long! You will suffocate, you could add a single filter at the bottle opening or inside of the bottle using a paper dust mask filter or you could buy a couple of dusk masks that have one way valve filters built in and re-purpose them as exhaust filters then run the hose to your air in filter.

JosephK6 jeffd24 months ago

I agree.

I'm missing the part of where you put the filter and what it made from...
sciman13 years ago
ok so it's a cool project.
B+ for effort D for safety and project follow through.
In fact i challenge you, you have the right idea, just redo it,
take your time, tape slowly use electrical tape it stretches and will seal better.
look up where Kleenex comes from I guarantee it will give you some ideas.
so yeah, step up, improve it. figure out a way to seal it to your face well.
ilpug3 years ago
I don't understand this, neither do I consider it to be a viable safe air system.
Bonar98 (author)  ilpug3 years ago
what do you not understand?
ilpug Bonar983 years ago
Well, I don't see how this is supposed to protect the user from anything. In the intro it says that it "can be used for anything from tear gas to west nile virus."

Tear gas effects the skin and eyes. This does not cover your eyes, therefore, it would not work. I would say that this might give you about one extra second of protection from inhaling tear gas.

As far as West Nile, there is a reason why biohazard workers wear full body suits.

Your design is not sealed, your filtration system appears to be a dust mask taped over the end of the bottle, there is no exhalation system, and it simply does not seem effective.

I am aware of the "Be Nice" Policy, but this is inherently ineffective, dangerous, and if anyone takes you seriously enough to treat this as a viable means of protection, they will come to harm. I rarely say things like this, but safety gear that is unsafe is one of my biggest pet peeves.
Bonar98 (author)  ilpug3 years ago
the gas mask is made up of a bottle that is LONG enough to cover your Whole face, now unless your face( eyes and mouth) is like a horse's face, it should cover your face, second, if you seal the mask up enough, it should be air tight when it is pushed/ pulled up against it, and when you use a surgical mask, like one made to protect you from the west Nile virus, you exhale through the mask, like my design, also if you don't have the thing super tight, the exhalation system is air escaping the mask, but when you aren't exhaling, it is stuck air tight against your face, so did i miss any thing?
ilpug Bonar983 years ago
To clear things up, maybe you should add a picture of yourself wearing the mask, to demonstrate how it fits.
Bonar98 (author)  ilpug3 years ago
sorry, my parents say no. trust me, i would, but i can't, i hope you under stand.
ilpug Bonar983 years ago
I think I understand your parent's point of view...
sciman1 ilpug3 years ago
I'm with ilpug
very few circumstances would warrant the usage of this
over the usage of a real production breathing system.
there is a reason they spent millions building and testing
all sorts of breathing apparatuses.
first off, your using duct tape....
a single miss taped unwell sealed seam (look like you've got about 30)
where the tape doubles up on itself and creates a leak, would render this
USELESS!!! another problem, this mask doesn't seal to your face well enough.
production models have gaskets.
Bonar98 (author)  ilpug3 years ago
yeah me too.