Picture of Redneck Pen Set
One of the rednecks favorite activities is to shoot, whether it be their gun or their bow getting ready for archery hunting. Even though each and every redneck would love to spend all day everyday shootin, that's just not possible...But if you make this redneck pen set, you can hold these pens and imagine yourself out in the woods bow hunting whitetail deer, or down at the shooting range tearing up the targets. This is how a redneck rolls.
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Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
1. Bullet Casing (My rifle shoots a .270 Win, so I'll be using a .270 casing)
2. An Arrow (The arrow I'm using is actually one of my brother that I split in need to just throw it away!)
3. Pens
4. Tape (Preferably electrical tape, I didn't have any so regular Scotch tape works too)
5. Scissors

Not much needed, I think most rednecks would have these things lying around!

Step 2: Cut down the arrow

Picture of Cut down the arrow
We'll start out making the arrow pen. It's really pretty simple. First cut down the arrow to the length you want your pen. Most pens are close to 6" long, but cut the arrow to whatever is most comfortable to you. Once it's cut, it's cut. It's better to cut it longer than you want it than shorter. You can always make it shorter if you need to. 

Step 3: Remove the ink

Picture of Remove the ink
Now you need to remove the ink insert from the pen your using. I'm using a red pen, because it has a super neat red tip that matches the red feathers on my arrow, and it looks pretty sweet like that! Use whatever color pen you like, just make sure it has a removable tip. Once you have the ink insert out, test fit the insert in the end of the arrow, to make sure the insert isn't too big for the arrow. If it is too big, don't panic, you can either sand down the edge of the insert until it fits, or you can just try a different pen. 
lovehunting6 months ago
That's epic that god for all them rednecks out there
these are neat I will make p.s. like the flah
machoturtle (author)  parabuilder1 year ago
thanks! yep the ole stars and bars!
luv it "bubba"
....Now I have to make one too.
Just finished mine now.
machoturtle (author)  awesomecreations2 years ago
awesome, post a picture!
I tried to but that didn't work. Instead I made a photo instructable of it with a reference to this page. Here is the link to mine:
By the way mine uses an old 7.62mm AK47 shell which I found in an old box in my cupboard. It was the only one I had big enough to house a somewhat practical pen. I'm still worried as to how safe it is because the round was never fired, but rather pulled from the casing so the charge may still be active even though there is no gunpowder left.
without the gunpowder it can't fire, if the primer was hit really hard, it my pop, but no danger.
I know it is very unlikely that it would cause any damage if struck, but there will always be some gunpowder residue inside and an explosion, however small, is still an explosion.
Pull it apart and squirt some oil inside, just a couple of drops. It will kill the primer.